About Me

Hello friends! My name is Aisling Fitzgerald! I’m 22 years old and I am from Co. Waterford, Ireland. In 2012 (at the age of 14), I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, also known as ASD (previously known as Asperger’s). I was diagnosed by a psychologist during secondary school and also received Occupational therapy at the age of 15. I also received Speech and Language Therapy when I was in primary school as it was thought I had delayed speech. Despite my late diagnosis, I have been on the Spectrum for my entire life. However, for reasons that are not really known, it is common that females are diagnosed as being Autistic at a late age and such was my case.

After a year of receiving Occupational Therapy, I was left to my own devises and received no further help or assistance and despite having numerous reports from my psychologist and occupational therapist, I still have yet to get my diagnosis in official writing, as is the case with many adults and teenagers who are on the Autism Spectrum and have received a late diagnosis. Because of this, I never opened up about being on the Spectrum as I was afraid of what people would think. Would they think I was being fake? Would they think I was doing it for attention? That is, until 2018, almost six years after my diagnosis. I opened up about my story on Facebook and received a wide amount of support from family and friends and this made me want to open up even further. So, I began dabbling in blogging and writing, which leads me to here. Though there are many disadvantages of not having my diagnosis in official writing such as the lack of supports available, there are also a load of advantages. As I grew older, I began to understand myself and what my body tells me and I found my own personal ways to deal with it. Now, I’m an aspiring writer and teaching assistant with high hopes for the future and I am living life to the fullest! There are a lot of down days but I have learnt to deal with these down days in my own special ways which I will be sure to talk about on here!

The aim of this blog is to document my daily life as a woman on the Autism Spectrum from the struggles right up to the best days ever! This is not only to raise awareness that Autistic women and adults do exist in this modern day world regardless of diagnosis but it is also to (hopefully) help advocate and speak up for others in a similar situation as myself who may not be able to speak up for themselves. Expect to see posts that will (hopefully) provide information and awareness on the Autism Spectrum as well editorials and posts that will be light-hearted and fun too! I will try to post blogs weekly, every Thursday!

You can also follow me on:

Facebook: Aisling Fitzgerald

Instagram: living_with_ash

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope to see you soon!

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